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General Criminal Defense FAQs

In an effort to give the general public a better understanding of what a Violation of Probation is in Florida and its implications, criminal defense lawyer David Hill has compiled and answered some frequently asked questions about this subject. Below you will find them.

How many points does robbery with no firearm or deadly weapon hold in the state of Florida? My fiancé got called in for questioning in March. He was at his cousins house & she was texting my fiancé stating that she wanted to rob her boyfriend. He told her that it was a stupid idea but she went along & did it anyway. My fiance sent the text messages to her boyfriend showing that he had NOTHING to do with it & he showed the police as evidence.Within the few days a detective called him in for questioning,he didn't want to go because I'm currently pregnant.He thought that if he went to jail, he would miss our first child's birth. But his cousin had got a warrant for strong-armed robbery and the police picked her up from her house.her charge got dropped to petit theft under $300. So if his warrant is for robbery with no deadly weapon or firearm, what do you think he would be charged with?
Worry about defending the charge right now, not what he may be facing down the road. Sounds like a very defendable case, though without all the information that is difficult to predict. Robbery of any kind is serious, and he would likely be looking at prison. However, with his cousin's case being dropped down to a misdemeanor there appears that the State has problems with their case. Again, without all the information it is tough to say. Definitely have him consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

My license was suspened for Habitual Traffic Offender - one ticket the adjutication was withheld, can I take this to court? I received three (3) driving while suspended tickets in 2010 and recently paid them off. Now they sent a letter stating that my license is suspended for habitual traffic offender. One of the tickets the adjutication was withheld on but I was told the habitual traffic offender status still applies if you were suspended at the time of the ticket. is this true, can i fight this, its for 5 years. And why would it apply now that I paid the ticket. Can I ask for a hardship now - is that possible, and if so - do i need an attorney.
Yes, they (Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles) can suspend your license as a Habitual Traffic Offender for five years (which means you would be eligible for a hardship license after you do not drive for a year), for the three prior ones you paid off. The fact that the tickets are old is not the issue, it is when you pay them and when they take effect on your record. You will need to try to set aside or vacate the old DWLS tickets you paid to try to get the suspension lifted. An attorney can accomplish this for you.


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