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Florida Stand Your Ground Law - Video

Published on April 4, 2016

Orlando criminal defense attorney David Hill talks about Florida Stand Your Ground Law: What is it? When can it be used as a defense? Which are your rights?

Can I Get Arrested If I Invoke The Stand Your Ground Law In Florida?

If you reasonably utilize the threat of deadly force in Florida or if you use deadly force – again, known as the Stand Your Ground Law – you are supposed to be immune from any kind of civil lawsuit or from any kind of criminal prosecution. Law enforcement – if in their investigation find good basis for you to have acted under the Stand Your Ground Law – are not even supposed to arrest you. They’re not even supposed to detain you. They’re not supposed to prosecute you. On the other hand, if in the course of their investigation they find or develop probable cause to believe that you did not act within one of these exceptions that we’ve talked about where it’s ok to use deadly force or it’s ok to use the threat of deadly force, then they can proceed with a prosecution for aggravated battery, murder, aggravated assault – all of those potential charges.

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