Important Message During the COVID-19 Crisis


During this challenging time when many people are social distancing and working from home, the Law Offices of David P. Hill are open and working hard. That being said, we want to do our part in minimizing person to person contact until this crisis is over, but we also realize people may need to consult with us NOW, due to the immediacy of criminal charges or investigations. Call to set up a phone consultation and we can do most/all of our initial and follow up contact via phone/email/video conferencing. We will set up video conferencing so that you can have a person to person interview with attorney David P. Hill. We are here working hard for you and ready to take your case. This is a difficult enough time as it is, without the added stress of worrying about having a pending criminal charge but not having an attorney. Though many court hearings are being rescheduled, we will take your case and move it forward by calling and emailing prosecutors and pushing to fight for your rights. Stay safe out there, and stay home when possible, but know you can reach us and retain us without having to come in.

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