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Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyer David P. Hill is devoted exclusively to the defense of individuals accused of criminal activities.

Every criminal offense, even misdemeanors and traffic offenses, carry potential jail and/or prison sentences. Even in situations where the prosecution is not seeking jail time, a person charged with a criminal offense can be facing significant sanctions, such as: Community Control, Home Confinement, Probation, Fines, Community Service, and the prospect of a Criminal Conviction on his or her record.

Our Orlando Criminal Defense Law Firm provides legal representation on misdemeanor and felony matters in State, Federal and Juvenile Courts. We handle all types of criminal cases including: Drunk Driving or Driving under the influence ( DUI ), Driving with license suspended ( DWLS ), Child Pornography, Violation of probation ( VOP ), Domestic violence, Theft charges, Fraud, Drug offenses, Sex crimes, Tax evasion and White collar charges.

How a criminal case is resolved can have a significant impact on you for both your immediate and long term future; it can affect your ability to find and keep a job, find an apartment or suitable housing, obtain certain state, business or professional licenses, or even whether you can go to college.

Many people do not realize the full impact a criminal case could potentially have on their lives and therefore we, at the Law Offices of David P. Hill, strongly recommend that everyone charged with a criminal offense at least consult with a defense attorney before making any decisions regarding how to resolve their case. We understand the stress involved in being charged with a criminal violation, especially where your liberty is at stake. We will do everything we can to take that burden from you and to represent you zealously so that we can obtain the best result possible for you. You will be treated as a person, not a number, and we will always keep you fully apprised of the status of your case. Call us today at (407)649-1999.

We stand behind that recommendation by offering a Free Initial Consultation. Let us help! We have the experience and dedication to ensure your rights are protected and your case is resolved in a manner that best serves you and protects your future.



Our offices are conveniently located in the heart of downtown Orlando, within easy walking distance of both the Orange County and Federal courthouses.

"I offer a Free Consultation, and I pride myself in being straightforward, honest and sensitive to my clients' concerns. I would be honored to represent you."

David P. Hill
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5 Star Reviews


Attorney David P. Hill focuses on his client’s futures, and has received numerous 5-star reviews from them. Below are the most recent ones. Please follow the link to read more reviews!

  • February 12, 2018

    David Paul Hill (Attorney with a heart of gold)

    ★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by anonymous
    Attorney Hill, represented me in a DUI case what I thought would be the end of my career. I never appeared in court from the beginning to the end, and the case was thrown out, I would highly recommend attorney Hill, he will explain clearly and honesty what he can and/or can not do, me myself would any day without a doubt recommend attorney Hill. He goes beyond and above the call of duty. Very professional and honesty individual, he's not in for the $$$, he's a true professional from his heart of gold. :-)!

  • February 1, 2018

    ★★★★★ Posted in Google by Catherine Coe
    David is by far the best criminal defense attorney in Central Fl. He has helped my son through a very bad time in his life. As a mother, I was scared, David helped put my mind at ease, but always was honest of possible outcomes. Trust is a huge factor in hiring an attorney. If you are in a bad situation and need help, he’s your guy.



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